Monday, July 8, 2013

Post 40, Fantasy World Jun Volume 2

Fantasy World Jun Volume 2
So, a splendid journey ends.

When Wrigh showed me Jun some time back in...May I think, I was struck by the art
and the experimental kind of story. It had so much beauty and atmosphere that I really
wanted to do it, so I started translating it bit by bit between my other projects. V1 was
relatively easy to do, but V2, as I think you already saw, had almost 60% of more text,
thanks to those pages where Ishinomori talks about a lot of interesting stuff and the "journey"
chapter. That's why it took so longer than V1 to do it. Ishinomori himself wanted to draw
a "poem", not a "manga" and I think it accomplished his goal. The only regret I have is
the quality of the translation itself. Being not an English native speaker is tough, sometimes :(

I would like to thank Wrigh for the opportunity he gave me with Jun and to thank
a1oner too, who I made go crazy with my script , for his patience.

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