Friday, June 7, 2013

Post 34

Hello, Slow Step c32 is on Mangatraders

I'd like to thank the kind donators who shared a small part of their wealth with me.


Celestine said...

Thanks for next chap of Slow Step. But I'm just a little confuse how does he go from completely having no idea to suspicion maybe their same?

Guren said...

Hi! So there's someone who actually reads what I do. Good ^^.
About your question, I think it was suddenly too. I think that Adachi wanted to give a push to the story, or maybe, his editor wanted to. At the end of volume 4 there's that "their story has jus begun". You usually find that sentence at the end of manga that get canned or axed. I think that maybe Slow Step was not so popular at that time or maybe Adachi was working at the same time on another manga so he was probably too busy to keep both up and maybe he, or his editor, wanted to put SS to an halt and leave it at that, but with a hint of possible outcomes for the future. Then he worked again on the story giving it another push so things could get into motion, keeping the interest of the old readers up and giving him the chance to go toward a "proper" ending. Just my 2 cents.