Wednesday, November 25, 2015

264) NSFW - Gakuen Heaven v08c86(end)

Gakuen Heaven v08c86
Final chapter and another project is completed.
What's next, you ask?
Well, nothing.
Gakuen Heaven will be my last project for a long time.
With the little free time I have, I'll keep translating Azumi, but that's it.
Until at Heroes of Legend we finish the first draft of the Zero no kiseki game,
I won't have the right state of mind (and time) to start another series.
I'm also combing what has been done for Unchained Blade Exxiv
and filling up all the monster descriptions little by little.
Also, now and then I provide translated materials for a guy who uses
those as a basis for writing stuff for an Unseen 64 book, so, yep, not much time for myself too.

I'd like to thank Ripper for having done the double spreads this time.
And, most of all, thanks to all the 300 or so people who read Gakuen Heaven
(based on the downloads number, I don't know the exact one if we take into consideration
manga sites and so on) ;)