Tuesday, December 5, 2023

688-94) Azumi (part 2) v18-c01-7

Volume 18 is out.

And that's it, it's over. Like that.

See you some other time down the line. Maybe years from now. Who knows.

And if we don't see, like they say somewhere in my country,

let's hope it's your fault. lol

681-7) Azumi (part 2) v17-c01-7

Volume 17 is out too.

When you write your name on beepdex but it finds 

any other group with G but yours = panic.

Monday, December 4, 2023

674-80) Azumi (part 2) v16-c01-7

Volume 16 is out too.

You thought I had forgotten, eh?

Nope, I only had a beast to chase in the garden in a storm.

'cause [QUOTE=Cat]"playing outside during storms is nice"[/QUOTE]

667-73) Azumi (part 2) v15-c01-7

Volume 15 is up.

Have a nice Monday.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

660-6) Azumi (part 2) v14-c01-7

I was about to go sleep but something didn't feel right.

Like there was something I was forgetting about...

But never fear, volume 14 too is here.


653-9) Azumi (part 2) v13-c01-7

Volume 13 is out.

Catch you later.