Wednesday, January 28, 2015

193) Little Boy Part2, MU-KAI

Little Boy Part2
Here it is, the first part was translated sometime ago by Animefangirl.
You can find it in the usual places.
This a manga that Adachi only drew, the story is not his.
How is this then? It's horrible.

This is a one-shot by the Battle Angel Alita's author (drawings)
but drafted by SF writer Tobi Hirotaka.
It was published in the same issue with the first chapter of
Gunnm Mars Chronicle. Pixie asked me if I wanted to translate the new Gunnm
but not being sure if I could commit to it until the end (got too many problems here)
I had to decline, but when they asked if I was interested in this one-shot, I jumped in
and did it during some spare time. Then stuff happened and it was released only today.
Thanks to KIKE for providing raws and for cleaning a good part of it.