Tuesday, June 21, 2016

283) Aranagi-sama

by Toume Kei.
And the magazine cover illustration that was lost in an hard drive...

This was done in the spur of the moment/for a change of pace some time ago.
Also, I like the author, so, why not?
I had a lot to say about this story but after so long it was completed the
majority of what I wanted to write got lost in the abyss of my mind (getting old sucks).
I'll go read it again and come back later, to see if something comes to mind.

Alright, I've remembered something, just read the story before reading the rest hereafter.

- As I think you should know by reading what I translate, I don't like sound effects much, so
I basically do them when/if I feel like it. Usually, the very meaningful ones are there.
Looking back at this story...I could've translated more of them. Eh.

- For the toshigoi, toshiotoko, setsubun stuff and so on, this brief reading could be useful to you.

-The keiyaki tree board/tablet is a goshinboku...but the goshinboku is usually a sacred tree. A big,  sometimes huge tree with a white rope tied around and white jagged paper stripes attached to it to show that the tree is sacred. Probably because who put the rope and stripes thought there wast a deity in it or a deity descended near it...or on it. Here we have a tablet... My guess is that it was made with wood from the original tree.

-Shinto rites are held on particular months and with fixed actions, gestures, prayers and so on. That is why Ichinotani, hearing that they moved the rites from a month to the summer, thinks the deity is lenient. I took part in one (the blessing of a full copy of the biggest shinto encyclopedia) once. It was brief, but every gesture was carefully coded and performed. That's why when Kanae says the deity's name, Aranagihimekami and the Japanese reader sees that the "ara" is the character for "violent/rude/rough/wild" starts to think that maybe something is amiss.

-The "elf" thing. Your guess is as good as mine. By not attending the rite, Kentaro has offended the deity. Why should an elf cure that? Does he think that now he's cursed? Can elves cure curses? Will Casca regain her sanity? 'till next time.

-It seems that Aranagi-sama could become a series if enough people likes it and send their opinions to the editorial department. In case it gets serialized, nope, I'm not picking it up :)

That's all, I think.