Monday, July 29, 2013

Post 44, Azumi v01c01


So, it begins.
A new joint with HappyScans that will go on for years.

Azumi is a seinen manga, with feudal Japan as setting.
A group of children is raised up by a mysterious man
who trains them as assassins to have them carry out
missions in the "outside world" to thin down the enemies
of the Tokugawas.

Azumi is a mature story, with its light moments too, but
contains a lot of violence, blood, heads and limbs flying
and so on. Even sex scenes and a good amount of rape
in some cases. All of this it's not put there just for the hell
of it, if you actually read the story everything has got a
sense and a meaning. Just remember that it's not a story
for kids and some chapters are NSFW.

About the glossary: Azumi is a fictitious story set in a real
historical period with real historical figures of the past and
a lot of original characters. Since it can be a whole mess
for characters, places, names and so on, I decided to write
a glossary where you'll find every Japanese term you'll
encounter during the story, being it a name place, a character
name, some food name, a suffix and so on. It will grow chapter
by chapter. Much, much information is taken from Wikipedia
and more often than not I invite you to check it to have a ton of
more information about what you're reading. Please, if you find
errors, missing long vowels, hyperlinks that shouldn't been there,
formatting problems, different fonts and so on, tell me, I'll fix it.
Only remember that I'm at the beginning of volume 10 with reading
and doing the glossary, so actual changes will take a lot of time to
actually be reflected inside the pdf.


RingoCygnus said...

Thank you for this. Been wanting to read this for a long time, those 40 volumes have been sitting on my HD for far too long. Even tried to find translators so I could edit it myself; Glad you and Happyscans picked it up. Hope you keep it up, there's a long road ahead. Cheers!

Wrigh said...

Would you like to aid with the editing? We'd love the help!

RingoCygnus said...

Been pondering about this since I read it on happyscans but I didn't reply anything cause of the following reasons...
-I'm fairly busy at the moment and it won't get calmer any time soon...
-I've got no intention of joining happyscans (nothing against you guys, you're doing a great job on a lot of projects!)
-The raws are atrocious and I'd probably spend far too much time to try and make them look good...

Anyhow, thanks for chapter two as well.

Guren said...

And you still haven't see anything...from v09 the raws are real eye cancer...^^"