Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post 43, Slow Step v05c39, Vagabond 317, announcements

First of all, the end of volume 5 is on Mangatraders.

Since at this pace it'll take forever to end it and I need to concentrate on other stuff too, I'll speed up the releases from next week with two chapters per week, one on Wednesdays and one on Fridays.

Vagabond 317 is here too.
The next chapter will be published on the third week of september, so be patient!!

The script of a new project with HappyScan! was sent.
I don't know if they'll announce the project later with the Vagabond release
or if they'll wait until the new project release is ready. This manga will be the end of me.
But don't worry, you'll still get your Adachi fixes.

Still no Last Order 123 raws, and today 124 should come out on Evening too.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the Slow Step releases! Now I can finally finish the story. I had it archived years ago and when I picked it up again the other day I realised that almost all the new chapters are yours so I'm really thankful!
The speedy release news are even better :D

Great job!

falla121 said...

Thanks for VAGABOND!

Just a question.

Why don't you advertise your blog on the releases?
Took so long to find the release group/person.

Is Vagabond a weekly or monthly?

Guren said...

You can clearly see on Bakaupdates who does what ;)

Vagabond was a weekly series some years ago, then it went on a long hiatus due to health problems with the author. Some time ago he started drawing it again but as a monthly series. It is published almost on every third thurdsday of the month. Usually there're ten chapters per year, with breaks on august and another month, like december or january.