Wednesday, September 24, 2014

161) Initial D v48 c713-716 and Azumi v08 c08 (c67)

Initial D v48 c713-716
Almost there for a shocking conclusion...

Azumi v08 c08 (c67)
Tobizaru & Friends...


mierten said...

Wow, you do amazing work.
I hadn't considered Initial D and now I am regretting not downloading what was available of it on MangaTraders before its demise.
I have found that the projects a great scanning group works on is often the best recommendation to reading other series.
Will you have previous volumes available or do you have suggestions of where those downloads can be found.

Guren said...

MangaTraders demise was a huge blow.
I don't know where you can download the old stuff, but you can read it online here until c170 (they are missing c76) and then from
c171 you can keep on reading there or switch to

Alejandro said...

Oh come on!! you cant stop the manga there!! i wanna know whats happen now!!!
(thx for translate)

Zavier Burks said...

I will be uploading the complete version once the extra stories of initial d are finished.

ammyjar said...

Thanks for another awesome round of releases!!

Google Gmail said...

I've got the "Sentimental White" and "Green Departure" extra stories from the official guidebooks. Would you guys be willing to translate them upload them to the manga sites?