Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Post 84, Ah! Seishun no Koushien v01 Hatsukoi Koushien v01 Part 03

Ah! Seishun no Koushien v01 Hatsukoi Koushien v01 Part 03
Last Order raws should be en route to the raw provider (do not expect anything before mid january at least) and still no Vagabond 321 raws in sight. Now that I've taken care of this...

Merry Christmas guys (for those of you celebrating it).

I hope you've found what you wanted under your christmas tree.
Me...well, I should've found a shiny Ps4 under it, but when
the delivery man left me the big package this monday, well...
there was nothing inside it (aside from the original box, the console manuals and the useless bluetooth thing).
Yep, the package was opened, the content stolen, and then everything was closed perfectly back.
Sony can't know the console ID from the box (figured) and even if I had it, when the console
goes online it gets assigned a total different ID...and they can't figure it out from that (this is either
BS or simply unbelievable) what the physical console ID is. Basically I should've already known what is my console ID when it goes online, so they could've track it, and sent the police to that guy's house (yep, the trusted guy who sent me the package has filed a police report and a claim to the postal [dis]service. Inside there were also the bill, the pre-order forms where he bought it and all his sensible info...he even blocked his credit card to be safe).
We both have been selling and buying online for many years, not having had any problems at all.
So it didn't come to mind in the slightest to get insurance for the package. I mean, stuff always arrives...yeah, right, we should've known better that Italy is a country of thieves. What an idiot we've been :(

I hope that it's a faulty console and it bursts into a million pieces.

See you soon guys.

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