Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Post 82, Ah! Seishun no Koushien v01 Hatsukoi Koushien v01 Part 01


The start of a (long) new adventure.

This is a 7 volume collection made of 2 long stories by Yamasaki/Adachi + 1 volume of Adachi's one-shots.
The collection was axed at v7 by the publisher, even though v7 is the first of an intended Adachi only collection starting from there. Do not worry, all the stories inside are complete.

As seen in Gamushara, Yuuhi yo nobore and so on, there is no chapter division, so I divided the volumes in parts where I saw fit...

Well, have a nice reading ;)


Anonymous said...

How many parts does this volume have.
I so enjoy the series you do. I tend to read a volume or story at a time so I'll be eagerly waiting for the end of volume 2 for this one. But I can be patient as I am thankful that this is how you spend your free time.
Thank you again.

Guren said...

Hello, 12 parts in total. Six for v01 and six for v02. I'm gonna update the project page sooner or later...