Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Post 07

Here's the surprise I was teasing that coincides
with the secret project on the project page.
With help from HappyScans! and Crazyankan
I can present the new chapters of Vagabond to you.
You'll find #305 on their site http://happyscans.blogspot.it/
or in the usual places.
More chapters are coming, but since they're swarmed
by other projects and stuff to do IRL it will probabaly be
later than sooner.

On another note, HappyScans! has released Tezuka's
Shin Takarazima, a manga every manga reader out there should
know and read. Basically it's the cornerstone of manga
how we know it ;)


lolman said...

Man, Vagabond + Gunnm Last Order = dream.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muffin_man said...

Thank you very much for taking up Vagabond. Please keep up your hard work, as this series is deserving of it.