Thursday, April 18, 2013

Post 20

Hi guys. Today there should have been The Time Of Friendship short story.
When I checked the volumes of Yuuhi yo nobore!! on Mangatraders a while ago,
that short story wasn't there. I even checked online readers and so on, and it wasn't included.
Someone mistakenly called part 3 of Yuuhi v02, The Time of Friendship, but nothing more.
So, I went and done it. Now, djt2445 on Post 19 said it was done a while ago by
MangaDownloads, so I checked again and that short story was uploaded yesterday on
Mangatraders with a different title...
So, I won't release my subpar version of it.

That said, here is Idol A v01 c04.
I hope no one else has done this yet.
You can find it on Mangatraders.
Chapters 1-3 were done by some other guys and are on Mangafox, IIRC.
Since I'm short of a release, the poll on the right
will be effective until May 8.


bahamut_oq said...

wow!! Idol A chapter 4

ty very much for the release =)

im waiting for this adachi manga for a loong time ago ( read the raws but dont know japanesse T_T )

will u release the other chapter of idol a ??

Guren said...

Yes, I'm going to release the other two chapters too.

bahamut_oq said...

wow....ty very much for the hard work =)

can i ask is this manga is only 1 volume only or discountinued work ??

Guren said...

I don't know. No one seems to know.
The volume cover has a 1 on it, so you'd think there will
be at least another one coming, but... I don't even know
if chapters 7, 8 and so on exist in magazine form.

Looking at the last page of chapter six, you could even say that could be considered and ending. The typical Adachi's open ending, but still...

Dunhere said...

What name was the Time of Friendship uploaded to Mangatraders under? I'm having some trouble finding it there.


Guren said...
A tale of close friends ;)