Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post 68, Gamushara v01 Part 01

You can find the first part on Mangatraders.

So, first of all, this is not an Adachi full. It was drawn by him but on a story and texts by Yamasaki Juhzo (who?). Many of the older Adachi's works are done together with this guy...

Then, like Yuuhi yo nobore, this manga doesn't have a summary, table of contents...whatever. Nothing. Knowing where a chapter ends and another starts is not so simple. Sometimes it's obvious (I guess...), sometimes not. So, I decided to divide the story arbitrarily in parts, trying to cut them at reasonable points
so you won't have huge cliffhangers and so on. Maybe :)
v01 will be in 6 parts, v02 in 5 (3 for ending Gamushara + 2 big one-shots).



Unknown said...

I really thank you for all your work, especially for Adachi.
I'm french and without you, i couldn't have read this manga. Thanks you so much !

Guren said...

Thanks for reading!