Wednesday, July 23, 2014

142) Ah! Seishun no Koushien v06 Nakimushi Koushien v04 Part 03 and Azumi v07 c05 (c56)

Ah! Seishun no Koushien v06 Nakimushi Koushien v04 Part 03 
The end of Nakimushi Koushien. Starting from next week we're
going to have five Adachi's oneshots. You should've already read
one of them though.

If you missed it yesterday, here's Azumi v07 c05 (c56)

That's all.


Kazemaru99 said...

Hi :D In chapter 1 of Ah! Seishun no Koushien , you mentioned the song she sings. I tried the YouTube link, however, it did not work D: Would it be possible for you to provide another link? Or even the name of the song?
Thank you :)

Guren said...

Hi! Sadly I couldn't find the commercial anymore and even the links google gives me take to videos removed for copyrights infringement...The song is called あなたのためなら (Anata no tame nara / If it is for you...) and it's from a duo called ビリー・バンバン (Billy BanBan They did a lot of successful songs for CMs from the seventies onward. This is a quick cover of the song I'll have to make a v2 of Seishun first chapter to fix the info in that page then...uhmmm...lazy lazy lazy...