Wednesday, February 25, 2015

201) NSFW - Gakuen Heaven v05c47

Gakuen Heaven v05c47

It's time to ruin another manga.
This is Gakuen Heaven by U-JIN.
It's a light hentai, but still a NSFW series (for the majority of its chapters).
You won't see genitalia, fluids or other stuff U-JIN does in his other pure
hentai recent works. Gakuen Heaven is a sort of romantic comedy with
some spice here and there. I guess. Maybe.
The 46 previous chapters can be found around the web.
They were translated by different groups so  they have some
inconsistencies within names and other minor stuff, but nothing you can't figure out.



Geese1 said...

Thanks very much for the new chapter!

I've been waiting for a long time for someone to pick this back up. Are you planning on finishing this series, or was this just a one time release?

Guren said...

I'll finish it, it'll take time though.

Geese1 said...

Awesome, looking forward to more releases from you!

Godric said...

Well if you need help typsetting, Im willing to lend a hand..

Unknown said...

GREAAAAAAT, Thank you sooooo MUCH i have been waiting for this FOREVER.