Thursday, July 1, 2021

515-6) Azumiv41c06-7(296-7)

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This concludes v41.

Thanks to HappyScans! for the help, as always.


amaanu01 said...

thankyou so much for translating this consistently! will you be doing 'Oi! Ryouma' and Azumi 2? it will be too epic if you do! :D

Guren said...

You are welcome.
I've lost interest in scanlations in the last years, so I'll finish Azumi but I won't do Ryouma. As for Azumi 2, I've read half of it. I just need to find the will to read the other half and then re-read it and translating at the same time. It'll happen, but not soon.

amaanu01 said...

ok thankyou so much again! :D hopefully someone does ryouma, it'll need to be someone with a good grasp on the language and context like you.

Dark said...

Hello. Thanks for all your work scanlating this series. Is there any way I could help it do any faster by donating or something else?

Guren said...

Thank YOU for reading what we do.
No, don't worry about it.
It's a simple matter of time, motivation and drive to do things.
Everything goes at the pace it goes, sometimes slow, sometimes fast...
No pressure.
This has to be a relaxing thing, not a job.

Thankful person said...

thank you so much for the chapter :)

wakabayashy said...


thanks for azmumi!

have you a link to discord of happyscans or whatever to follow them?


Guren said...

No discord, and Happy blog is no more :(
You should check what you are interested in on bakaupdates
and see if you can follow on mangadex.

wakabayashy said...

ok thanks!