Friday, August 8, 2014

146) Azumi v08 c01 (c60) and Initial D v46 c687-688

In case yesterday you missed it, here's a new Azumi chapter:
Azumi v08 c01 (c60) 
Must be tough swimming in that current...

And, surprise:
Initial D v46 c687-688
this wasn't gonna suppose to happen until mid october,
but since I couldn't find the raws for another neglected
series I wanted to pick up and finish, I've moved this
ahead of schedule.
I'm no car savvy nor an expert so you'll probably find
weird stuff in the translations. Sorry about that.

Btw1: Mediafire has been acting up pretty badly for me recently,
I hope you can download from those links without problems.
Btw2: do you know if the Mangatraders guys are alive and plan
to rebuild their website or if they have disbanded?


Tiev2000 said...


I've been waiting a year for this. Is this going to be an on going translation?

Guren said...

Yes, don't worry, you'll read v47 and v48 too.