Wednesday, August 27, 2014

153) Ah! Seishun no Koushien v07 Adachi Mitsuru Best Works Collection v01 Part 03 Kitakaze Karakara (end)

Ah! Seishun no Koushien v07 Adachi Mitsuru Best Works Collection v01 Part 03 Kitakaze Karakara (end)

And that's it. The end.
After months, my original, sidetracked for a while (Slow Step, Idol A), old Adachi stuff translation project
it's finally over. Yay. Nope, I'm not planning on doing Rainbowman, Ganbare onna no ko or
Oato ga yoroshii you de.

Trivia: when I did the poll to know what you wanted to read the most between Gamushara and Slow Step,
I was totally sure you would go with Gamushara, because it was something new, that you had never read and so on...and mainly because I was just missing 30 pages to translate, so it would have been almost complete at the start of the releases and that would have given me time to translate a good part of Slow Step while releasing Gamushara and...we all know how it went :)

As for the future, I'll continue Azumi, finish Initial D, end another neglected series and if His Majesty Inoue would do the favor to grace us miserable souls with Vagabond, I guess I could go on with it for a bit, but it's a manga I don't like it anymore, so don't be surprised if you'll see it dropped. There was also supposed to be a new Battle Angel Alita series coming out this summer, but Kishiro is another of those reliable mangakas, so, who knows.

Moreover, I'm giving a hand here translating The Legend of Heroes - Zero no kiseki when I have some free time. The project site is here. If you are a decent translator and want to give us a hand, please do. No way
we will be able to tackle that monster game script in two. Or, well, it's possible, but you'll see the project completed in ten years, at the pace with things are going.


Akito said...

Thanks for your hard work, with this project complete I also think that the most important series by Adachi is now translated, if anyone'd do the remaining ones cool, if not I don't mind too much either. At least there is still Mix to look forward to (and a short story collection in the near future from what I've heard).

Stark said...

Thank you so much!!! Your dedication and hard work in finishing all the adachi series that you have picked is pretty amazing and can't thank you enough for that. It has been a pretty fun ride and I have enjoyed reading each and every chapter you have released.
About the series you mentioned, Ganbare onna no ko is simply a light novel by a different author, while Oato ga yoroshii you de is a compilation of oneshots already done. I don't know what happened to Over Fence after 1 chap or when Full Count will show up (should have been out on July 25th) but atleast Mix is going well with Tenko.
The only adachi series that has been left untranslated seems to be "Little Boy" which is only 1 volume long. If you would be interested in doing this 1 more series, it would be great.

Guren said...

Lol, I didn't even know about that series. If I'll do it it'll be ways off in the future, provided there're raws for it (and it doesn't seem to be the case...the only dl link I've found it's reached max dl limit). Adachi sooner or later will release another short stories volume, but who knows when, though I'd like for him to focus on Idol A and end that story instead of doing one shots with different stories every x months....

Matt said...

I got you covered, mate.
Animefangirl did the first chapter already. According to her it's really bad, so do it at your own risk, I guess.

PS: Yeah, Ganbare Onna no Ko is a light novel series, but I'm pretty sure it's by Adachi Mitsuru himself. Also of note is that the end of each volume contains a really comprehensive bibliography of his early works. Adachi fans might find it interesting.
Finally, there's the biographical manga written by his older brother Tsutomu. It might be worth a look. I can hook you up with the raws if you have trouble finding them.

Man, why am I even here? The only Adachi work I've actually read is the Viz edition of Short Program. I'll get to it eventually, I guess. Anyways congrats on finishing this series, and good luck with your future projects.

Guren said...

Thanks for the additional infos. Only the future will tell.
And thanks for visiting too, now you should go read Rough and Touch ;)