Wednesday, October 15, 2014

166) Initial D Extra Story Takumi's Side Story and Azumi v09 c03 (c70)

Initial D Extra Story Takumi's Side Story 
And with this, Initial D is over.
I can't wait to see the other OVAs to find out
the bits I got wrong in my ts or that I didn't fully understand :)

Azumi v09 c03 (c70)
She's too honest...


Unknown said...

Awesome thanks!

Unknown said...

I've got two extra stories for Initial d; "Sentimental White" and "Green Departure". I have no idea how file sharing works, but here's my page if you want to do more translations for Initial D.

Unknown said...

Sorry if the files got kinda messed up, because a few pages got out of order while uploading it.

Guren said...

Hi, thanks for your message. I'm sorry but I don't plan to translate anything else for Initial D. I'm just focusing on Azumi from now on.