Wednesday, October 22, 2014

168) Otogi no machi no Rena v07 c55

Otogi no machi no Rena v07 c55

So, why this?
Because it's a series I wanted to read to the end.
Simple as that.

I discovered Hattori Mitsuru with the Umisho anime, then I read the manga version and then...I wanted to read other stuff by him. It's frustrating when you don't know how a story ends...
Sadly, Rena is not the good story it could have be (not entirely the author's fault'll see...).

Remember that this manga was serialised in Uppers, so it's NSFW.

This was also the first time I found so much text placed over the drawings and so many small balloons full of sfx...but I've survived! :)


Geese1 said...

Big thanks for picking this up - hope you can see it through to the end!

It was very frustrating having the previous group stop translating this with only a few chapters left to go.

Evandov said...

Nice surprise! Thanks for picking this series.

Nadavu said...

oh, wow! I have given hope of ever seeing this series scanlated all the way through. Thanks for picking it up!