Friday, June 25, 2021

Happy 40th Anniversary, Nihon Falcom!!

You can watch a recording of the anniversary stream here and here

Nihon Falcom 40th Anniversary LIVE Concert - YouTube

newgameplusexpo - Twitch

but I know you already know what was announced (also thanks to the Epic Games Store leaks of some hours ago).

See? Sometimes dreams come true. Now, you'll only have to wait. I'm sure your patience will be rewarded. (And mine too, I'm also waiting for Reverie).


Nivoh said...

Hey there (8!
Wanted to ask the state of azumi, been following since the very early releases and i see we're close to the end. How many years has it been since it started? Courage for the rest of the year pal!

Guren said...

Hi, well Azumi ends with volume 48 and that came out in 2008.
The hold up since March is because of mangadex. It was were we uploaded the chapters and so on but for now the new site doesn't allow uploads from normal users, only reading.
I've talked to the HappyScans boss and we'll release things here from time to time.
Links we'll be taken down after 1 week, or most likely when I remember to do so.

Nivoh said...

Gonna keep an eye then. Thanks for the new chapters!